Attaché Case by Ettinger

Posted September 1st, 2010 by design4men and filed in Style
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I have been noticing the resurgence of the attaché case and I love it.  There is something about carrying the right one that adds sophistication to the work ensemble.  I am coveting the St. James Lid-Over Attaché case by Ettinger of London.  The interior lining makes grabbing your computer or documents just a touch more special.  And aspects of the case can be customized specifically for you. Check out the Ettinger site for more info by clicking here.

Images courtesy of Ettinger of London

Ettinger Wallets: Purple Collection

Posted November 18th, 2009 by design4men and filed in Style
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Check out these stylish, sleek, functional wallets by Ettinger of London, maker of fine accessories for gentlemen including weekend bags, flasks and much more.  I love the Purple Collection featuring black calf skin on the exterior and soft grained leather on the inside.  Pricing is £125 for the basic billfold wallet and a great gift for the holidays.  These wallets come highly recommended by a friend and wallet aficionado.   Thanks Paul V. for the submission.

Image from Cultureshoq